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Aloe Vera For Hair – 10 Growing Hair Tips to Use Daily

Aloe Vera for hair has been proven to help grow more hair and prevent hair from falling out. Get these 4 tips to use everyday to grow hair quickly and naturally.

1.Stop the Frizz

Cool styling tools like an iron or blow dryer can be damaging to hair. When applied in excess, these tools can dry hair out making it frizzy and hard to style. So apply your iron and blow dry on a cool or low setting.

2.Choose a good conditioner

Conditioners can leave hair feeling dry and frizzy. Look for a product that is moisturizing and conditioner friendly. Use a comb or detangle brush to apply conditioner to your hair. Use a sapolyamid instead of a polyester.

3.Eat Hair Beauty

Women who pay attention to their diet live longer and healthier lives. Our hair is one of our most visible assets and should be cared for on an everyday basis. Eating well will make your hair shinier, softer and grow faster. A well balanced diet is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs and sprouts will keep your hair healthy.

4.Wash your hair the right way

Washing your hair the wrong way can damage it. Use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Avoid shampoo that is too harsh or too smelling. Rinse your hair with plenty of water and then apply a product like Mira oil to help protect and nourish it.

5.Avoid clarifying hair care products

clarifying hair care products that strip hair of its natural oils can be damaging. Instead, use creams and conditioners that are designed to leave hair feeling healthy and shiny. Use cream based products on your hair instead of gels and foams. You can also use coconut oil for a great deep conditioning treatment. Herbal hair oils like Mira and shea butter are also great choices.

6.Stop itching

Some hair is in a constant state of being flushed, sweat, and itching. If this is your problem, try a hair iron or serum that will reduce your itching. Also, get a regular trim to avoid split ends that cause splitting.

7.Eat protein-rich foods

Eating more protein-rich foods like eggs, fish and meat will help build new keratin for healthy hair. Eating healthy will also make your hair and scalp healthier.

8.eties gently

Even if you feel great, there are certain hair circumstances that can be a source of stress to your mind. Conditioning your hair with a mild shampoo is a good way to reduce stress to the scalp. Avoid using:- harsh chemicals (ripands) – personal care products and hair dyes – temporary hair colors – petroleum-based products – sprays and sugared waxes.

9.Get more sleep and relaxation

Most people Sleep 4 hours per day, but deliberately depriving yourself of sleep. Often busy and working people neglect sleeping and instead spend their time on other important areas of accomplishing goals. Getting more sleep and relaxation will not only reduce stress but also speed up hair growth.

10.Use essential oils.

Essential oils from your favorite natural source are extracted and diluted to a suitable degree and then sold as the concentrated oil extract. It is then dried and bottled. Essential oils are highly concentrated and expensive and you may have to purchase several bottles before you find the right one for you.

While you may have a short-term budget limit, for many years these oils have been proven to be safe, non irritating and most importantly, natural.

I am learning more every day about how amazing natural really is and I now see that many medical conditions could be cured or treated with natural or herbal based medications.

I hope you enjoy this series of articles. It has been great fun producing and I look forward to reading more about hair care and the healing powers of nature.