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Cellulite is a term used to describe superficial pockets of fat found on the thighs and buttocks of women. Many factors can influence whether a woman has cellulite and how much they have. It is more common in women with a thinner dermis.

Cellulites are caused by a number of factors. Some are genetics, the amount of excess fat in your body, the strength of the underlying muscle and fat relationships in your body. There are additionally some interesting things to consider about cellulite. For instance, cellulite is not limited to overweight women. Cellulite is quite common in women of all shapes and sizes.

How is Cellulite Classified?

Like with most standards there are various ranges within the overall cellulite category. There are differentials just like any other standard. However, within the cellulite spectrum, cellulite is categorized into subtypes. There are several subtypes within the cellulite category. It may not be possible to categorize all cellulites under one umbrella term but it is useful to understand the various subtypes to better understand the nature of cellulite.

There is generally no clear dividing line between subtypes. Many cellulites are in fact combination of subtypes.

For the most part the cellulite subtypes are not visible and may be very subtle. Yet some women are very concerned about how they look and how identify with each subtype.

Possibly the best approach to understanding the subtypes of cellulite would be to get your self some good books on the subject and study the various subtypes. Healing through Cellulite by Dr. Ralph booked in to number one on the best selling self-tanners.

What is cellulite?

It is the formation of pockets of fat cells that are located just under the skin. These pockets of pocket fat cells push or press on the skin surface and cause the skin surface to look dimpled or rippled.

The cells are located in a variety of centers. Some are found around the knees, ankles and waist areas. Others are found on the stomach, thighs and buttocks. But mostly found are found in the pockets of deformed or damaged cells. These cells are called cellulite cells.

Cellulite is more common in women than in men.

There are as many different types of cellulites but all of them are not necessarily equal. Below is a list of the most common cellulites in women.

Are You sick of feeling like you are the only one left in the world? Then you are suffering from cellulite. Unfortunately, it is not a problem that is limited to those who are obese. Cellulites can occur in any women regardless of her weight.

What do you do if you are tired of feeling like you are the only one left in the world with cellulite?

Cellulite Treatments

There is more than one way to reduce cellulite. There are sewers, liposuction, creams, and pills. There is not one way to entirely get rid of cellulite in the body. Each of the above mentioned cellulite treatments are a symptoms of a greater issue. When using an effective cellulite treatment, you will not get the full benefit. It all depends on the severity of your cellulite problem.

Rashes and breakouts are some of the symptoms of cellulite. There are many natural cellulite remedies to use. Retinoid creams have been proven to be very effective in the cellulite reduction.

In the end, it is normal to have a cellulite problem. How much you reduce the appearance of your cellulite is dependent on your effort and commitment. Best cellulite treatment is prevention. Make sure that you eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. A healthy diet will help to prevent cellulite. Exercise will also help in reducing cellulite. Plan on taking part in a good exercise program.