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Curl Your Hair – Using Curling Irons and Other Tools

Getting curlers at the right price, in the right places, and using them the right way are important parts of having healthy hair.  But an iron, especially a top end ceramic brand, can do more than just styling hair.  It can create a whole new look to your hair and can change the way you look.  below I have compiled a list of the various hair products you will need in order to properly curl your hair and some basic instructions on how to use them.

To start there are some tools you will want to have handy.  For curling hair the iron is essential, and for straightening hair you will need a flat iron.  Depending on how long you want to stay in the hair style you are creating, you will be able to use different tools.

To start with you should have:

Bobby pins

fine tooth combs or phials

sharp scissors


large round mirror

Bayalage braid setting lotion (for linked hair)

Dry shampoo

Hot rollers

Curl Spray

irmake Hairspray

rolling brush

rounded brush

perming garment

cotton or nylon wrap


kempt hair

flat iron

gold or silver clip


safely spritz on hairspray


damp hair

large hairbrush

medium hairbrush

fine hairbrush

combs and phials

spray bottle with hairspray


Wide tooth comb

inner barrel brush

out mental affirmment

II. Preparing the HairBobby pins determine the length of hair that curls.  They should be placed under the hair and aligned toward the scalp.  Bobby pins are not the same as pantyhose.  You’ll find them at beauty supply stores and late night shops.  When you feel it, grab a few.  Sometimes it’s better to have them prepared, even if you never wear them.  Sometimes they change your whole look.  I like to tease.  Take a tiny version of your hair and create a bubble.  Then wrap it around your finger.  Who’s next?

A. Snip 1/2 way out from the bubble.  See how it feels.  Let it sit for a bit.  Grab it with your hand.  Sometimes I like to give a finger a little tease, too.  See how it feels?

B. Grab the next 1/2 inch, wrap it around again and grab your pin.  This keeps the curl alive.  Repeat until the hair is wrapping around your finger… and it feels curl to your fingers.  If your hair is loose, take ahered needle and smooth the bring across the curl.  This keeps the medium texture affordable, and fun.  See, it’s the spirits that cause your hair to curl… not the tools.

C. Finish off the strand with a shot of cayenne, wrap the hair, and pin again.  If your hair is well-conditioned, this curl creation will take even more time.  But if not, you’ll have to go back for another shot.  It does get easier the more you repeat the technique.

**Tip:For a more stylish curl, twist the curled section back around the finger and pin in place.  Or, wrap the whole roller in foil to create a ringlet curl for a gift anytime.

V.Finishing the Curl off

Use a flat iron or curling iron to curl your hair.  It creates a full, bouncy look and is a fabulous ability when used to create different styles.  The curls keep the look trendy.  Run your fingers through your hair to comb the shine from underneath.  A shot of cold water will clean up the shine.  Spray with a booth brush to eliminate excess curls.

If you don’t have or want to create multiple styles, it is still okay to create a random look.  You’ll just need to pick a different selection of pins or bobby pins.  Again, spray with a booth brush to eliminate excess pinned hair.

If you want a more personalized look, you can twist the ends of a section and pin it in place.  Finish the pony tail off with a shot of bobby pin to add sophistication to your style.  You’ll be amazed at the style options that lay ahead for you with bobby pins!