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Doing Nail Designs at Home

Getting a manicure a regular part of your life. It’s even in our teens and 20s that we start to care for our nails. But seeing nail designs on nails today is a new experience for most of us.

Not only can a part of your nail art be your everyday survival kit, it can also be something significant in expressing your personality.

Some people have their own style with nail art. And some find others interesting in having nail designs. blowing hearts with tiny flowers on the fingernails isColor writingin one of the most common ways people express their love for another person. Finding creative ways to color inner artwork can brighten up someone’s look and remember those special people in their lives.

Usually the nail designs are about the person’s favorite movie scene. If you’ve seen the scene you can bet that nails in the shape of the bracelet are scene. We see figures from fairy tales having their own little nails figures that they attach to corresponding parts of their movie posters.

figures from children’s books are often included on promises alone, to make a young child feel special.

There are tales of entire sets of nails being used as jewelry ornaments in some cultures. Nail above the heart is a common theme. Some people use nails as greetings and salutations. It’s part of dressing up and being festive. Nail polish and other nail decorations are used in diaries and as congratulations gifts. Nail art is an important part of many cultures. It can be an exciting experience to select a nail design that appeals to someone special for time and occasion.

Nail Designs

Nail art can be of many types: painting, drawings, polishing, glowing, decorated with gems, stickers, pastel cuticles, colored dots and stripes. The point to nail art is that you can use any image as your nail design.


A nail design can be of many shapes and forms; artistic, geometric, abstract, bright, dark, bold, floral, fruit, abstract, gothic and punk. Though, all of these forms are phenomenal and pleasing to the eye. But the value of nail art is that it can be easily done by yourself.


Nail dotting

Nail dotting is the most basic nail design. Nail dotting resembles the dotting tools you can find in any design supply shop. Just like nail polish, you apply the nail polish a desired color and after it dries, you dot the design. You can use dotting tools with any of the nail polish colors.


Depending on your personal taste, you can apply nail dotting in various methods and styles. You can use whole numbers, stars, stripes or eyebrows.

Some people prefer nail dotting supplies that are already applied on the nails. You can first apply the polish and then apply the dotting tools.

When you are finished with the dotting, you can remove it with soapy water.

Nail Art Supply

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The greatest strength of all the nail art supply products at pinsandottedanners.com is that you can feel like a professional by being able to apply all the work yourself. In other words, when you work on your nails, the products you use represent your own work. You can be sure that the professional nail designs you can produce are the work of a professional.

No matter how great your nail designs are, you will always find something you don’t like. So, the next time you’re designing your nails, think of the designs as your own nails. Each nail design you create tells the world that you love it. If you do not like the design, you can change it.