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Get Rid of Moles by Fast Laser Action, or Chose Alternatives

Get Rid of Moles by Fast Laser Action, or Chose Alternatives

Moles are round or oval spots on the skin, usually dark coloured. Most are quite flat and, consequently, do not protrude much. They can be present since birth – sometimes called “birthmarks”.

In childhood, or during the teenage years, moles can often disappear by themselves, but if they persist for 2 or more years they are permanent. At this stage, mole laser removal can be an effective way to get rid of them.

Even then, many people will decide to leave them alone, particularly if they are on a part of the body that is usually hidden by clothing, or are so small that they do not seem to matter. When one or two moles are visible on the face, they are sometimes regarded as “beauty spots” and left there permanently.

It should be emphasized that moles can be left alone permanently, so long as they appear unchanged. If a mole seems to grow, change colour, or otherwise appears unusual, than it is crucial to show it to a skin specialist, or dermatologist.

Laser Mole Removal

With laser mole removal, a laser beam is directed at the mole, and out comes the dead skin cells. The laser is able to destroy the cells because it is absorbed by the pigment melanin in the skin. The specialist will then remove these cells and the mole will be noticeably reduced.

The procedure is quite painless, and the mole sometimes scabs, or dries, leaving a small scar, which will soon be the scab removed. Depending on the type of mole removed, the recovery time depends on the type of laser used and the size of the area to be treated. Scabs may appear blackish in color, and will eventually fall off leaving a slightly red tissue.

The mole laser removal is quite fast, painless and has an average cost of $200 to $400. The recovery time, depending on the type of laser employed, could be 10 to 21 days. Sometimes you will need a few more sessions for the treatment of a second or third time mole.

Derma Mole Removal

Some areas of the body, where moles are not desired like the nose or face, may require mole laser removal, and are usually considered “non-standard”. For example, if the mole is on the chest or back, it is not recommended to use conventional methods to remove the mole.

Other areas of the body, where the mole is not visible (bonuses include the arms and legs), may only require one treatment to remove the mole. During the procedure, a light laser is used to burn away the cells of the mole.No nerve endings are damaged in the removal process, and this is generally painless.

After Treatment: Natural Remedies

Natural remedies such as the use of baking soda and castor oil can get rid of moles, when the mole is small in size. A paste-like substance can also promote natural healing of the skin and get rid of moles.

If you cannot use natural ingredients, there are a number of ready-made creams and ointments that treat moles, useful for treating small moles. There are also many drugs that can be applied to treat moles, but these are un cubes. Some of the drug conditions are sound and proper for treatment of moles that are small in size. A few of these conditions are given below:

  1. Abrasion- In this case, the mole is very small and hard, and the dissolve using a rough implement-Chop or grind the mole before applying the drug.
  2. Burning- In this case, pain and swelling are the normal result of the procedure. However, the soreness and color of the wound will be red.
  3. Exposure- In this case, the mole is small, sensitive, and has less collagen. The method used to remove the mole in this case will be intense. A laser is used to remove the pigment, and strong radiation will be given to the healthy skin and surrounding tissues to prevent further recurrence of the mole. Even if the mole is not that many and does not penetrate the skin deeply, a laser is still effective as the laser beam will generate heat thatorns the mole reducing the cells in the area and slowly decreasing the size of the mole..