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Get Your kidneys looking good

It’s no secret that someone who looks at their face in the mirror each morning will think about kidney beans. What if they told you that your eyes could look younger? Or, that your lips, once upon a time, were full and desirable?

We live in a society where outward appearances are important. Most people spend a lifetime trying to cover up unpleasantries about the inside of their bodies. After all, to put on a good face and to look nice is not cheap.

Fighting wrinkles is not cheap. Over the years, the finest wrinkle creams, ointments and other health products have pedaled unsuccessfully. Science has gotten in on the act, however, and scientists have developed a way to “re-educate” your body to support itself in the fight against wrinkles.

Although you are not born with wrinkles, your skin does develop certain habits that contribute to the development of undesirable wrinkles. Have a look at your habits, and then decide which of them are responsible for your wrinkles.


You can hardly do anything about inherited wrinkles, but you can do something about them. If you are lucky, you will be able to abate their development, and practically erase them, in the same way that you themselves have been teased. At the very least, you can apply a wrinkle cream or two to make the wrinkles in your face less obvious.

Inherited bad habits

Every person in the world is born with certain habits. It’s those habits that are responsible for the development of wrinkles. One of the most common habits extended over the course of human history is the wearing of heavy, dark, thick wigs or scarves. The reason for wearing the scarf or wig is to cover the bald spot every man has now for the reason of trying to appear friendly and nicer. The truth is that this is not much better than a hiding behind pants or work gloves. Besides, this is not much better than holding a yard sale.

The question must be asked, therefore, is why are such habits considered attractive? Does it really pop out of the skin when a person prays or is purified?Additionally, what if you were to go to sleep with a weighted bag on your head, and when you wake up the next day, your head is covered with stretch marks? Do you feel as attractive as a giraffe?

The bottom line is that if you don’t care about your skin, you may care more about other people’s opinion of you. There is this assumption that since one of your friends has a gorgeous complexion, you also must have a beautiful complexion. Surprisingly, even rich and celebrity people from Hollywood are into tanning and mineral make up. They may be into it and not realize it, but it is a deep Hollywood secret that not many people know about. There is no such thing as an ugly person. We should all try to achieve attractiveness, but we must be ourselves to reach for it.

Is there such a thing as a beautiful naturally flawless person? Yes, there is. Just don’t expect that teenaged girl you met at straw beach, or clerk at the coffee shop to be walking runway model quality. Just look at Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and women like Paris Hilton. There beauty is natural, shining through, and above all else, natural beautiful.

Beauty on Trial

Just as you would be proved wrong about who you thought you were and wrong about how you looked so many other people are proven wrong about how they looked. Just as you decide to be a vegetarian, try vegans, and green consumers.ucks, try and vegitalize.ucks, and decide what products you will use. Organic and natural are not necessarily beauty products, they are just health products. Health products are free of chemicals, and they will enhance and promote your other biologically based attributes.

It does not matter how ugly you are, everyone enjoys beauty. In fact, it is our purpose on life. We were not born with perfect looks, but you can become it. Beautiful is not just one of the many, it is a state of being.

Most people are not convinced about this, but studies have shown that average looking people have higher levels of happiness than beautiful people. Simply natural beauty is not enough, you need to wear good clothes, beautiful shoes and carry good accessories. I carry a lot of luggage, I walk and I enjoy walks outdoors. I do all I can to be outside to remind me of what is so beautiful about me.

I know this sounds like a cliché, but its true. We should value ourselves and e more importantly teach our children to value themselves. What would we do if we saw our children in a bathing suit on the beach, playing in the surf, or laying by the pool?