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Give Yourself a Manicure in a Fast Five Minutes

What’s the point of perfect hair, teeth, and skin if your nails aren’t flawless as well? Nothing is more frustrating than working with your best features and detracting from the rest of your body by making a mess of it. If you focus all of the attention on your nails, you’ll spend a lot of time working on them, and when the time’s up, you’ll spite yourself by eating enough to keep you healthy.

Follow these five steps, and you’ll spend the day looking your best. Not only will you love the way your hands look, you’ll love how easily they are to use, and you’ll certainly know exactly how to get them to do their job.

Step 1:Thoroughly wash and completely dry your hands. This may seem obvious, but being wary of water wearing down your nails is a great prevention to make sure you get to where you want your nails to be.

Step 2:Using a nail file, shape the tip of your nails. The nail file should be one that is generally one to two inches long, and that has and a good rough and gentle texture. named for the shape of your nail, the nail file is used to gently file away all of the hard and dead skin in your nails to give them a nice, clean look.

Step 3:Wisk away the excess skin and callouses from your fingers. This may be done with a Q-tip, and is one of the few quick nail tricks that actually works.

Step 4:Using an orange stick or a cuticle stick, gently push back the skin and callouses around your cuticles. The skin and the callouses should never be pushed back in the same direction. If you find that some of the skin has to be removed, grab the pointed end of the tweezers, and with quick strokes move it in the direction of the excess skin. Remember to never cut your cuticles.

Step 5:Once you’ve done this take a peeled corner of a banana and get rid of the dead skin that is on your finger. Don’t be tempted to dip your whole finger in the bowl though, just cut a slice off. Remove the dead skin, and the top layer of skin will push back down into place and be raised just enough to trim your cuticles and properly shape your nails.

Step 6:You may choose to use an emery board to file your nails into smooth shape. If so, make sure to file in one direction and from the edges going in one direction. Move your fingers in and out of the edner and make sure to always get the edges of the nail clean.

Step 7:Once your nails are one level, take a nail buffer and begin filing your nails. Select the type of nail buffer that will work best with your style. The nail length should be one level, with no gaps between the files.

Step 8:Using your choice of two or three files, go back and forth between the two levels, filing the proper sides and the proper sides, as well as filing any spots that need filing. When you’ve finished, move on to the next layer of nail plates, doing that one level lower than the last layer and repeat the same process all around your finger.

Step 9:When you’re done with the finger nails, it’s time to take the scissors to your fake nails. Use the nail file to trim the nail tips to your desired length. Some hairs may stick out, so you may want to just snip them with the scissors if you don’t. That way your fake nails will all be the same length.

Step 10:Using your nail file, trim your nail plates to the desired length. If you have short nails, file them in a little extra length so they will adhere better to your finger nails. file those little edges in a straight line to keep them looking neat.

Step 11: Hopefully, you won’t have to do this too many times to take care of all those fun new nail designs. Next, you should be able to take off one of your finger nails. If you find one has broken off, you may have to file both sides to get rid of the broken part.