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Hair Age Extensions

Hair extensions are now a well known fashion accessory used by women all over the world. When you talk about extensions, you cannot leave out the hair salon. It is amazing how more and more women have accepted this modernizing phenomenon.

And indeed, the importance of hair extensions cannot be denied at all. Today, a growing number of women leaves out the salon and enters the hair salon to get extensions every 4 to 6 weeks. Some of them stay at home while others manage to preserve the extensions at home.

But is getting a professional’s touch easier? Is there a split-ends problem? Is maintenance of these extensions a time consuming job? The answer is in the question, “Yes”. But before you learn the answer, it is important to understand something important.

Hair extension is a process of attaching real or synthetic hair to your own natural hair. People choose to have this extension because it adds volume or length or fullness and shine to the natural hair. The attachment of the extension is a notably time consuming process. It is common too, that the extensions need to be removed after wearing them for a few months. But that doesn’t mean that no one wants to deal with this process, because it is rather difficult to do and because it can be rather economical. In short, extensions are great because they suit your own hair and they make it look fuller and more beautiful. However, it is important that you get it done from the right salon and to a good stylist so that your extension will last long and will suit your personality.

The most important aspect associated with hair extension is the quality of hair used. It is necessary that the hair is not-so-good quality. If it is then, the extension will not be durable and will easilyurture out. Worst, if it is then, you will have to spend a lot of money for it to be faulty. The stylist of your hair extension will know this fact very well. Now let’s move on to the most important part of hair extension–the bonding.

Bonded hair extensionsare made of a specific chemical like glue. When you get this type of hair extension, you will leave your own hair alone but you will add this chemical to your hair, so that it will strengthen it. And it will also make it tangle and matt. The Matt process is one of the general types of bonding.

Bonding is usually done by epilators, which are devices that look like a comb and grab the hair. The hair is removed by threading (a process similar to plucking). The bond using this process is durable for seven to ten weeks. It is rated according to the strength like Soft, medium, strong or rock hard. So, according to your need you can choose the level that you want at any time.

Another type is the twist. It is easier to manage because the hair is twisted using a set of geared rollers. Only the hair close to the base of the head is twisted. It is similar to cornrows except that it is designed only for short hair. And you can remain with it for a longer time than the other types.

There are also extensions that use adhesives instead of physical threads like braids or micro-braids. They take time to get into the hair and take an even amount of time to do. And an expert hair stylist knows how to make these threads happen automatically and quickly.

A method that is similar to braiding is the micro-braids. The extension is braided using a threads and adhesive. And it can be washed, styled, and regulated just like your regular hair.

There are also man-made threads used for the extensions. And there are also infections that can be caused at the site.

The final outcome is that whichever method you choose, the extension will be beautiful and will require no special care.