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Hair Extensions For Your Wedding

Question:I am thinking about getting pregnant in the fall. My hair is fine and long. I tried to grow it out a bit but it just wasn’t getting long enough. Now it is down to my waist and I am wondering if I should get hair extensions for my wedding.Answer:Normally, you should consider getting regular conditioning done at least once a month to maintain your hair. Also, I would recommend doing a touch up 2-3 months before your wedding. If you are going to get regular treatments and add in extensions, I would recommend getting them done at least 2 months before so that you can have the extra hair length before the wedding. If nothing else, your stylist should be able to make recommendations on products to use to make your hair look fuller as well as a possible herbal treatment to make your hair grow longer.

Question: I am thinking about getting dental veneers for my front teeth. How should I go about choosing a dental veneer?Answer:You can take a look at the photographs of the dentist that you are looking at and just decide without making any final decisions until you know who it is that will be doing the work on your teeth. Of course, you should consult with them first to make sure that the work that they will be doing will be good enough for you to go through with. Then you can make a decision as far as which veneer you want.

Question: I have straight hair and I am wondering, how long will it take to straighten my hair knowing that it is permed?Answer: Okay, it could be a while. We recommend doing numerous treatments at a time to begin with, and then doing one at a time to follow-up. This is one veneer application that I wish I could tell you how long it took to get to this point because it varies with each individual. A general rule of thumb is:

Wet – Short to medium – Medium to long

Dry – Short to Medium – Medium to long

Question: I have noticed that the straightening iron does not always straighten my hair. Can you please help me figure out why?Answer: Okay, it’s easy to see that you are having issues with the straightener not being able to get the hair straight. I am guessing that whatever is not working is not doing well with the iron. I would recommend doing several practice runs with the straightener to get the hang of it for the first time. Then you can decide if it is something you want to deal with or not.

Question: I have frizzy hair and am wondering if applying a regular shampoo and conditioning products helps ease the frizziness.Answer: Okay, it kind of does help, but then it ends up leaving a oily build up on your head which just ends up making the frizziness worse. So, you would need to either get a separate shampoo for oily hair or perhaps a very good conditioner.

Question: I have fine hair and am wondering, what is the best way for me to care for my fine hair?Answer: Okay, you actually can do plenty of things. You can definitely make sure that you get a regular deep conditioning treatment. I tend to lean more toward a regular one hour treatment as I get older. I also like to make sure that I keep it moisturized. Although fine hair is not great to look at all, I like to make sure that I always make sure that I am keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Question: I have finally decided that I am going to start wearing a weave. How do I take care of my hair while wearing the weave?Answer: Actually, you are going to have to do care and maintain the hair weave the same as you would do if you had a regular weave. So, the best tips that I can give you is make sure that you moisturize it and that you add moisture conditioning to it, as well as maybe work with a curl-enhancing product.