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Hair Removal Bikini Line Shaving

Hair removal bikini line shaving is something that many people do. Shaving is the easiest and least horrible way to remove pubic hair but shaving can cause pubic pimples or ingrown hairs if not done right. There are ways to make pubic shaving less painful though.

Bikini hair removal is carried out by either shaving, using a depilatory (hair removal) product or by waxing. Shaving is easily the least painful but lasts the shortest amount of time. A few cuts and nicks are normal with shaving but shaving the pubic region can be more painful than shaving any other part of the body.

Depilatory products for hair removal work by dissolving the hair and painlessly dissolving it away. Most depilatory products such as Nair, Veet or cream hair remover are available in drug stores and supermarkets. These products do not contain any chemicals that are used as a part of shaving so there is less skin irritation.

Waxing is a choice of many people for hair removal but it is very painful. It is applied hot or cold to the skin and when the wax is removed it pulls the hairs out by the roots. Waxing is very time consuming as each individual hair must be applied or removed. There are creams on the market as well as hot wax that can be applied to the skin as it is waxed. The person should be careful not to overuse the cream as it may be too strong.

If an individual wants to wax the pubic area they should be careful to hold the skin taut for about 30 seconds as this can cause the skin to swell and the hairs will stick out through the skin. Hair can be pulled out from the root for a few weeks but this can be detrimental to the skin in the future as the hair growth cycle can be longer.

One solution for this particular problem is tweezing as this locks the hair out and also holds it from growing back too fast. Tweezing is very time consuming as each individual hair must be plucked out. It is most painful when done for large areas such as the back and it canives roots for longer.

Waxing is the slowest but most effective method. If it is done correctly it allows the hair to take root and provides a shaft of hair that can fall out on its own as the hair growth cycle cycles. Waxing is also one of the gentlest methods. For the first few waxes, a person may feel itching and scabs may appear. If the condition persists, it may indicate a need for more chemicals. If the hair re-grows as quickly as the first wax, there is a need to repeat the treatment.

Some practitioners offer a cream hair removal product that can be used at home. Depending on the product, hair regrowth can be between 1 – 3 weeks apart. For best results, the product should be used 2 – 3 times per week. These creams come with instructions for use and some experts do caution that frequent use of these creams can slow hair growth.

electrical hair removal is a way to get rid of unwanted hair on various areas of the body. One area that commonly gets hair removed is the bikini line. Shaving the bikini line is a mess because of the location and the fact that someone is nude in the middle. Waxing the bikini line can be done by a professional or at home. One thing to remember is that if there is lotion underneath the skin, it will prevent the breakdown of the skin and will keep it from being flaky.

Waxing the bikini line more often than not, causes less pain than shaving. In the end, it basically depends on the individual’s pain threshold. There are ways to hide the pain if it is not unbearable but it is pretty noticeable. In the end, it is up to the individual to decide if they want to shave or wax the bikini line. They are both basically the same as far as appearance but the choice is up to the individual.