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Healthy Hair

Well, lots of people somewhere don’t like straight hair. For many the versus nature of their own hair type determines how straight their hair is. But many people do like curly hair and find it attractive. This seems to make sense right? So, the question is: How can I get my hair to be less curly and more straight? Is there any way? You might be wondering if it’s possible and if so is the best way to achieve healthier hair. Before we tackle this, let’s go over curly hair basics.

Most people consider curly hair to be entirely different from straight hair. This is simply not true. There are many types of curly hair and you only need to identify your own hair type to really know how to treat it.

If you have always dreamed of having straight, sleek hair but your hair keeps on changing the shape of it, you are probably dealing with a effected type. If your hair constantly sprouts new curly strands and grows in an array of angles, you most likely have non-aponistic curly hair. This hair can look quite lovely when styled in a straight and sleek way, but the look will soon start to grow out. If you have a salon, you can try shampooing your hair to get rid of the curly strands. Although this will take away the und curly color and reduce the size of the curls, it will not make them go away permanently. You can, however, get your hair straightened very easily in many cases. You can get hair straightening done at many salons. This is how you can get your hair ironed straight and get it sleek and shiny.

However, the chronic process of ironing your hair can lead to damage. The repeated tugging and heat can lead to split ends and dry hair. To minimize the damage, you should see a stylist at the salon every 6 months and repeat the process.

Aside from that, you can also use flat iron to straighten your hair. This is the easiest and fastest way to get straighter hair. Flat irons are very handy and convenient to some people. This can save you time and money, and avoid the heat that ironing requires.

However, when choosing a flat iron, you should choose the model that is connected to the heat and not the electricity. Choose the one that has a thermostat and preferably a power cord. If there is no thermostat, leave it on maximum temperature. Turn it off if it gets too hot. Most models on the market have an automatic sense control. When it senses that the temperature is Too hot, it automatically turns off. If it senses that the temperature is not hot enough, it automatically closes the clip. It is not difficult to use these devices even when you want to use it on your own. However, you should be careful when you use it, and follow the manual of instructions for safety.

The next step is to blow dry your hair until it is dry. Damp hair is weaker and can easily break. You should first apply serum to it. Then, comb it with a comb that has bristle. This is necessary to stimulate the hair root and encourage growth. The dryness can be alleviated by applying a serum. Finally, it is ideal to use a wide-toothed comb for detangling. This is the safest way to prevent damage, pulled out of your hair. You should also avoid or at least minimize the use of brushes and combs when your hair is wet. This causes breakage and further hair damage.

Keeping your hair beautiful is not that difficult. There are simple things to remember and follow. Keep your hair braided in a bun or gather it up in a ponytail. This promotes healthy hair as it prevents hair from falling out if pulled out. Wear your hair in a style that you find comfortable. Your hair will react to how you live and how you style it. Most of all, remember to have fun with your hair and remember to take care of it as you would your best natural self.