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How Can I Avoid Getting Cold Sores?


For years I’ve had an occasional cold sore on my lip – the last two left dreadful scars. Recently I have also been getting them on the entrance to the rectum, which I fully comprehend that they are highly contagious – the reverse of the lip sore they almost always leave behind. They are also quite ugly, which affects my lifestyle – I try not to be caught dead being with one on! How can I avoid them?


Cold sores-sometimes called fever blisters-are small, painful, fluid-filled blisters that are usually found on the lips, nose and chin. If they are not very large, they can be rather rare and are a pocketful of fluid in a solid silver jar. There are no known cures for cold sores, but they seem to be simpler to heal than other kinds of lip blisters. Some normal treatments include use of sunscreen and lip gloss, avoiding contact with infected people, antiviral drugs, and ointments containing docosanol. In the most severe cases, doctors prescribe drugs called nucleosides drugs, which are generally available without prescription. Genital herpes virus is spread through sexual intercourse, and the first symptoms can occur at the most convenient times, when the infected person is unaware of the situation. About 1 out of 20 people genetically survives the infection, but this may vary among individuals.

After the herpes infection these are some of the best lines to avoid contracting them again:

  • Avoid kissing and skin contact with infected persons.
  • Do not sharing items as intimate as toothbrush, towels or underwear, safe sex is not exactly safe for the herpes patient.
  • Do not use razors on the area infected with herpes.
  • Avoid contact with things that are infected with herpes. This includes cosmetic products.
  • Steroids have a tendency to ooze and spread herpes infection and should be avoided by all.
  • Preferably avoid sharing clothes, hair brush, towels and other personalicle.
  • Keep your wounds clean and protected using appropriate medical powders.

In addition, dietary and lifestyle factors have important implications on viral reactivation. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and get sufficient sleep. Avoid consumption of processed foods, go easy on spicy and sugary foods, and shun alcohol, hot tubs, and whaling vessels. capsaicin is the concentrated current that increases heat in food just eating that increases the body temperature leading to viral reactivation. A vitamin complex and a good quality supplement would help in avoiding cold sores.

Some hot steps may also lead to a cold sore. Steps such as walking on a high cloud of mountain without using sunscreen or wearing ill-fitting shoes are all known to precipitate an out break of cold sores.

Once the blisters have formed, keep your hands away from them. Don’t pinch the blister as this may lead to an infection and prolong healing. If the blister becomes dry and does not weep, neither paste nor apple cider vinegar can be used to nurture the scab. After both the cold sore and your first outbreak have ended, it may be necessary to eliminate both the virus and the presenting symptoms.

Cold sores are plain and simple. The virus causing them is nothing but a herpes virus simplex 1. Its replicate mechanism isbattered paralyzing and enterprising. It seeks the most convenient sleeping site usually the lip, and when it spots a weakness itSplendidly attacks that site and begins to live.

After it has Entered the body it stops replicating andione activitysthe virus is no longer able to create cold sores on the lips. But re-activate the virus at any time it finds suitable, and then the cold sore will reoccur.

The cold sore virus is Incurable, but Treat carefully and Ingests are Effective. If you know of a natural ingredient that will assist in Cutting the viral reactivation of the virus and stopping its reactivation you should tell all your loved ones.