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How Quickly Can You Clear Moles?

In future articles we will have a look at some of the folk remedies and also at some of the modern medical treatments available. How quick you can clear moles depends on what you used to remove them. Removing tips are coming in towards the end of this article so keep reading.

folk remedies

The ingredients used are usually very common and diverse. Remedies are not hard to find and most of the ingredients can be bought in any supermarket. Occasionally vitamin A, some botanical products and some other treatment components are added and some of them are natural remedies and mumbo-jumbo. Its effects are really superficial and temporary. folk remedies are cheap and are easy to make.

Medical treatments

When your moles are red and sore and rather ugly, i.e. when you step out of the house with them and your nose is half exposed, an application of fresh lemon to the mole will be effective enough to draw it out and erase it. Garlic, the pulp of some almonds rubbed onto the mole, works well too. Rubbing some fresh pineapple juice onto the mole and leaving for half an hour and then rinsing it off works wonders. Likewise fresh pineapples juice can also be used as a lotion.

However these remedies are usually temporary and you may have to go back to your mole often for further treatment. Another problem with them is that if you miss a treatment you may have to start the process again. Another problem with the treatments is that the ones that involve acids are very risky as they often leave a scar.

Creams and lotions

There are thousands of mole removal creams and lotions in the market and to tell you frankly they are very mediocre and few of them have been successful. Those that are advertised and sell are usually the ones that are composed of more than 50% chemicals and can be bought with very little beforehand knowledge of the type of ingredients they contain.

Before you buy any cream it is vital to ask some questions. Some of the things you will want to find out are the following:

What is the product made up of? Is it all natural? Will it leave a scar? Will my skin in afterwards look any different?

Most of the time a herbal medicine is all natural and most of the time a preservative is also natural. A good herbal medicine that is approved by some hospital environments would be able to provide you all the necessary treatments that would allow you to safely remove your skin moles. Make sure whenever you are purchasing a cream that it is made up of nothing but harmless substances. Different people have different skin types and it is therefore advisable to select a cream that matches your skin type.

Types of moles:

1st type: In forehead board regular moles are a sort of raised moles and these are most likely to be cancerous. If you find any change in the shape or size of your moles or if they just suddenly appeared, you should have them looked at by a doctor.

  1. Second type is small Examples are round or oval moles, flat moles or blackheads. This type can be easily removed by applying some effective natural creams. Information about derivative medicines available with some excellent natural creams can help you to decide about the various methods that might suit your type of mole.
  2. Third type is caused by damage due to everyday use and it can be very difficult to remove. For any regular type of mole larger than the size of a pencil eraser, you should seek advice from a physician.
  3. fourth type is a pre-cancerous one and usually shows on the back of hands. If you need to get rid of them, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. Another common treatment for them is laser therapy. Though laser therapy is known to be expensive, but it usually is the best treatment for cancerous and pre-cancerous moles. Whatever type of mole you have, it is important to have them looked at by a physician before you decide to have them removed.

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