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How to Have Non Surgical Face Lift

Upper face aging is a common problem in most people.  Patients with this problem are usually between 35 and 45 years old.  Their faces become wrinkled and saggy with age causing neckbands and wattle. This problem is common to most people however. There is no reason to despair.  Here are immediate do’s and don’ts to reduce this problem.

By following the above advice you will eventually achieve a gorgeous non surgical face lift.  This will allow you to get on with your life and your career as soon as possible.  Your face lifting will start to occur gradually.  The baby boomers are already at work.  Once the boomer generation attains majority power, they will become more prominent in our culture and the advertising dollars will continue to grow.

Plastic surgery and injections are starting to lose popularity as the risk of infection increases.  There is a non surgical face lift that is gaining popularity.  It is a procedure that has been well accepted and Little Singer is the surgeon behind it.  deformities can be fixed and refashioned surgically rather than having them repaired by reducing fat, fillers and skin.

How is this procedure performed?

For this procedure the surgeon uses the scalpel to cut the excess skin from the jaw line.  This procedure is similar to a facelift procedure except the surgeon doesn’t remove excess skin from the front.

When the skin is removed the surgeon makes an incision in the upper side of the jaw line.  Through this incision the surgeon can remove excess fat, re- sculpt the facial muscles and readjust the facial bones.  Techniques used to sculpt the facial muscles include:Sculptra, FUEA, silicone and other polymers.

Non surgical procedures done by Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons are an excellent way to achieve natural looking results in a short amount of time.  A Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon can achieve dramatic results with a little artistic talent.

Results can be dramatic and immediate upon having a Non surgical procedure.  Certain cosmetic procedures are especially suited to this procedure.  It is sometimes referred to as a “non surgical face lift.”

This procedure has become very popular since it was approved by the FDA in 2002.  If you are considering this procedure I would recommend you to spend some time researching the cosmetic surgeon.  Talk to people close to you who have had this procedure.  See advertisements for the cosmetic surgeon and other professionals who have had this procedure.  The step is finding the right cosmetic surgeon.

Since we are talking about aesthetic concerns, I would like to bring up facial aesthetics.  Eating, exercising and sleeping right are integral parts of total facial aesthetics.  Exercise is also a key part of total facial aesthetics.  Facial exercises help us to maintain a leaner and more youthful appearance.

Another part of total facial aesthetics is pulling the right muscles in your face.  When you exercise and practice good posture it helps make your muscles toned and makes them firm.  Removal of the muscles will result in the loss of lipstick and blush that pull the skin and muscles wiggle.  Also, it will make you look youthful and more alert.

A good aesthetician will know what procedures work well with different facial shapes.  It is important to ask for recommendations and information on procedures that the esthetician should know about.  The esthetician should know if the procedure is accept for injections and what those alternatives are.

Things that might not work as well with your facial structure might not be jobs best either.  Pulling too hard on your face muscles to get a good result can be painful.  Often time’s painful procedures are do more to hide an unhealthy face than to get a younger looking face.