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Important Information Regarding Stretch Marks And Why We Get Them

Women and men are both susceptible to get stretch marks and this happens when our body growth is Extreme. The most common body parts that are most prone to getting stretch marks are the stomach, arms, breast, hips, thighs and buttocks.

The human skin is the largest organ of our body. It supports the muscles and it also protects the body from foreign substances. Our skin is affected by rapid growth from the factors mentioned above. There are different factors that may convince to cause stretch marks in the body.

oriens caused by the following factors

-Pregnancy-unperature- humidity-absence of humidity-Exercise-odium-excessive exertion-weight gain- Increase-growth spurts

oriens caused by hormonal changes that may affect the skin

These marks also occur in growing children as well.Their mothers had them too.

Taking care of this problem is not very complicated if we know the probable causes.

oriens caused by pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body tissue gets stretchily stretched because of the growing fetus inside the uterus.ela honeys appear on the surface of the skin and may appear like pink or reddish lines. It may also occur depending on the color of the honeys. If it happens once, then it is a one-time thing. But if it happens again, then it may lead to the development of chloasma or brownish color.

rejuvenation can help reduce or remove them. Certain substances such as coffee andcashew nut are effective in rejuvenating them.

oriens caused by hormonal changes

These marks may occur during puberty or at any other age, when there is rapid growth or when there is a hormonal imbalancetreat with herbs that is able to stimulate collagen and elastin.

At this moment, stretch marks can be treated by using topical creams

There are some homemade creams and lotions that you can use. For instance, the lemon juice is known to reduce the marks. But still it may not be effective for everyone. Lastly, lets not forget the medical procedures. Professional treatments include laser surgery, microdermabrasion and chemical peel. altogeneration and endermologie are also effective and proven treatments.

Take a before picture of your stretch marks and look at it every day in a mirror. Do not be disappointed if it does not look any better than this. If you are struggling to believe that there really are stretch marks that affect most of the women, then read on and discover the truth.

Stretch marks really exist.

They affect many women of different ages.

They can happen to anyone.

They are not just confined to women who are pregnant or obese.

Stretch marks can happen to men or to women whenever there is a rapid weight gain.

Stretch marks may also happen to the growing child inside a woman’s womb.

Even a quick change in weight from a slim woman to an obese woman may produce stretch marks.

Stretch marks are not just ugly, they are also red, purplish and sometimes livid at first.

However, with time, they lose their redness and even the livid ones have a color of their own.

Even though stretch marks are not a health risk, they are still painful to the touch.

A woman that has stretch marks may experience hormonal changes in her body from the use of oral contraceptives, to the use of a very expensive and painful cosmetic procedure, to simply the pull of plastic surgery on one’s face.

Those are exciting news as far as a prevention for stretch marks. However, one must know that there are just too many factors that favor the development of stretch marks. A woman’s age, her genetics, how thick skin is and how elastic the skin is are just some of the contributing factors.

There are treatments for stretch marks, but we do not know yet which ones are the most effective. Even though some laser treatments and even more invasive surgeries work, there is still no sure fire solution to permanently stop stretch marks from ever occurring on the skin.

But then again, it is not too late to stop them from forming. The best practice is prevention.