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Men’s Hair Straighteners Are the Well Groomed Professional’s Secret

If you’re a guy who speaks up often, you probably think that you would look better with a set of straighteners in your hair rather than use a regular pair you’ve had for years. Perhaps you would like to give your stylist a quick lesson on how these work wonders for you? Perhaps you just want to know if a straightener will damage your precious hair or at least what the damage follicles will do to your tresses when using them on a regular basis. Using them on a daily basis can cause enough damage to your mane that you might want to scrap the idea altogether.

It’s easy to understand why there are so many professionals in the beauty industry who are celebrity endorsed, by using their names to market themselves as professionals. Using their names gives them a boost in sales and gives consumers the illusion that their products are the best. The results are often amazing, but using them on a daily basis will damage the follicle, and cause the premature loss of your mane.

If you’re tired of using ordinary straighteners to get the straight hair look you’ve always wanted, then you should consider investing in a set of hair straighteners for you and your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about travel andplexus either. There are a few flat irons on the market that come with carry handles that make it easy for you to take the styling tools with you. No matter what type of flat iron you decide on, you’ll be sure to look and feel your best.

If you use this hair iron regularly, you may decide to just replace the irons that have a carry handle with a spray cleaner that you can rinse, dry, and brush clean. This will eliminate any possible nerve damage that comes from the heat pulsed on your locks. No matter what, you’ll be pleased with the way your hair looks on the outside, and pleased as well with a trouble-free hair styling experience on the inside.

The ergonomics of the FHI flat iron makes it an excellent choice for personal use. The long handle allows you to straighten at the back of your head while you are standing, and it has a swivel thumb ring that is applied to the ring finger already. The FHI flat iron has a copper-plated heat element that will smooth and style your hair, without peeling or flaring.

The ceramic plates in this FHI flat iron can be used to style or straighten. The one I tested recently has an angled plate that helps control and prepare the hair for a flat ironing or hair straightening. The rounded ceramic plates help to balance the heat as it is applied, ridding your hair of hot spots that could possibly damage it when the iron is used too close to the scalp.

In addition to flat irons with tourmaline, there are FHI flat irons with titanium plates that help in sealing in the hair’s natural moisture. These irons are best for hair lengths that are mid-length to long. If your hair is very long, you should consider an iron with a plate that is slightly wider than the regular one. This will accommodate the extra length and will make it easier to straighten your hair.

The width of the ceramic plates also allows the iron to heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly. The regular plates and the iron I tested both come with a swivel cord that is detachable for ease of use. The swivel cord locks in the cord and prevents it from tangling.

Other features of the FHI flat iron include:

o Flat iron has variable temperature controls

o So efficient that it heats up in less than one minute

o So simple to use, with instructions written on the label

o manufactured with advanced technology

If you are still deciding which hair iron to use with your growing hair, the FHI flat iron may be exactly what you are looking for. It is a top selling hair iron.