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Mineral Makeup

Mineral make-up foundation is a much better product than traditional make-up. It is made with natural minerals from the earth without any of the chemicals, preservatives, or additives found in other foundations. It is made to give your face a natural glow and it is a waste free product that you can use anywhere. It also doesn’t clog pores and it is a top choice for all skin types.

Although mineral makeup is very attractive, it is a little more costly than regular make-up. This makes it extra special and, at the same time, makes it extra convenient as it is so handy and takes you less time to apply.

There are several benefits to using mineral makeup foundation: it is oil-free, non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types, including type I and type II. It also stays on effectively and is water resistant.

For busy women, this can be the answer to their prayers. Mineral make-up is so easy to use and it saves them plenty of time. It takes them all of the stress and anxiety involved with buying and applying traditional make-up and they can be sure that this product is the best choice for them.

At the same time, these busy women can also feel creative by experimenting with colors. They can choose their own colors or those recommended by make-up experts. It is interesting to know that women from different ethnicities have different preferences on the suitable colors for their skin.

So, no matter your background, you can enjoy and find the right solution for your needs and wants.

Prepare Your Skin

It is necessary for you to prepare your skin for application. First cleanse your face with a foaming cleanser and apply a good moisturizer (it is also necessary to apply a lip balm for moisturing lips and avoid getting burnt).

Pure mineral makeup should be applied in a way that it covers all the skin areas, the eyes, lips, and cheek-bones. To assure full coverage, it is recommended to pat on powder to get a smooth finish.

Proper Application

For proper application, you need to make sure that the brush you use has sharp bristles and a soft fleshy implement. The bristles should be positioned facing up towards the kidneys.

You can also use a kabuki brush or a large, soft and fluff brush for blending. The fluff brush has a longer handle and is perfect for applying the foundation in the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead areas.

For even and natural application, it is important to position the brush hairs along the natural contour of the face. The bone structure of the face will be furtherlined and the colors will be accentuated more by these brushes.

Different Types of Brushes

Different types of brushes are used for different purposes. Available brushes include the paddle brush, which was introduced in the early days of mineral make-up and is now a classic; cushion brush, which is soft and has large bristles that are angled at the base of the skin to lift up the minerals for a smooth facial application; wire brush, which is short and round; buffer brush, which is used to apply concealer or cream; and angled bristle brush or donkey hair brush for shape.

The importance of choosing the right brushes cannot be stressed enough. Either buy them at a reasonable discount price or in bulk to get the best quality, or worse, get them as gifts.

Natural Make-up Brush

The oldest type of make-up brushes are those made of animal hair. These brushes have also been used since ancient times. Today, you can find natural brushes that are mixed with synthetic materials. These brushes are not only made of natural materials, but also safe for the environment and the skin.

In ancient times, women would paint their faces with kohl and bone and then dip the mixture of their blood, reddish-brown clay and water in the face. Today, it is the synthetic surgical gloves that women use.NING Brushes

The best type of make-up brushes are called ding Brushes. ding Brushes are used in applying blush, bronzer and powder to the face. They are also called stippling brushes and holding brushes.

The right make-up brush is the one that is either flatter on the face or one that can blend in well. When the skin is flatter, the make-up appears better. The right blend of materials can make a huge difference on the final look. For more ideas, you can try to look at old photographs of yourself.

If you have never thought about having a make-up brush, you might think that it is a cumbersome thing that you carry around everywhere. But the truth is that it is very useful. It is like an invisible legible receipt.

You know that each passing second costs you.