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Permanent Hair Removal  for Women

Permanent Hair Removal  for Women – Easy and Painless!

Is it a hassle to continually have to shave every once in a while? Have you had enough of suffering the cuts, bumps, and chicken skin that seem to never get taken off? Even depilatory creams have become quite a drag- they’re not effective all the time, and you have to apply them about once a week, sometimes twice a week, only to waste all of them. Do you want an effective solution to unwanted hair growth in an affordable manner? Then permanent hair removal for women is the solution for you.

Women have been fighting the battle against unwanted hair all year long. However, none of them have been able to find a solution that is painless, easy, and quick. The good news is that there is finally a treatment that delivers on all promises it makes: iLipo Laser Hair Removal.

What is iLipo?

ILP stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and is simply a more advanced version of the laser hair removal treatment. While laser is focused on only dark pigment in the hair follicle, IPL uses a broad spectrum spectrum that attacks the hair’s root and follicle. IPL is effective on a wide range of hair and skin colors. While laser is effective against dark hair, IPL is faster and has the ability to treat a wider range of hair and skin colors.

ILP is More Effective against:

Dark hair

Red or brown hair

lemi and geranium hair

uranium hair

Other than dark hair, IPL is also effective against fine lines and wrinkles, birthmarks, scars, and unwanted tattoos.


In IPl sessions, 20-25 treatments are required in order to completely eliminate the unwanted hair from a given area. This is because the laser can treat only the hairs that are visible to the naked eye. IPL also needs more treatments to work well on hair that is deep beneath the skin’s surface. Since these treatments require multiple treatments, the overall time for treatment is more than an hour.


ILP is suitable for the women and men, of all ages. Although the process is safe for women, there is still a small chance that the treated area of the skin could be pregnant. Since most women are aware that they are pregnant, they always ask for a test spray to determine whether they are pregnant or not before undergoing the treatment. Since this hair removal process is safe and proven to work, there is no reason for most women to undergo the process without first knowing if they are pregnant.


ILP laser hair removal is effective against hair that is dark and coarse, or that is very light. For example, IPL works well on dark hair on light skin, or on light brown hair on dark skin. After receiving IPL, most women see a significant reduction in the amount of hair in an area, sometimes eliminating the need for daily shaving.

ILP cost

Because IPL requires multiple treatments to achieve significant hair reduction, the average cost of treatment is more than laser sessions. IPL sessions cost between $350 and $600, while an IPL appointment itself can cost between $odes and $50. An individual IPL treatment may cost less than $100, while an entire package of sessions may cost between $500 and $1000.

Depending on the type of IPL machine used, the prices are higher or lower than this. For example, when I ordered my IPL for $5000, I was pretty excited about the thought of never having to shave again, but I was somewhat disappointed when it delivered just two weeks later. I think that the most important thing for anyone is the quality of the IPL equipment being used. I certainly didn’t spend that much money without getting good results, but it’s worth asking the question what exactly is the quality of the IPL equipment being used?.