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There are different kinds of hair. We look around and see people with red hair, brunettes, blondes, and everything between. Most of us are familiar with the concept of hair colors because most people fit into one of those categories. However, not all of us know what each hair color pigment does. We know that red hair is technically brown, but does it pigment come from the same kind of strand? Is it something that can be turned on or off? It turns out that coloration is not something outside of the body, but something that is within the body.

outside of the body

Hair goes through a process called melanization. Melaninea is the technical name for what is happening. A curl pattern is developed over time using a special strand of hair called melanocytes. Melanocytes generate various pigments the same way that eyes do. Sometimes, the hair strand itself has a slight curl pattern developing from it. This is melan magnification. The curl pattern is developed from oxidized human melanin. When the hair strands are subjected to specific conditions, some curl pattern development occurs. This is melan magnification. The amount of melanin oxidized is controlled by how long the hair stays on the head. When more melanin is exposed, more curl pattern development occurs. Therefore, that is why brunettes with light hair tones have more lightly colored hair. If more melanin is exposed, brown hair is the result. This applies to most races. However, people of European descent have more melanin and therefore blond hair looks somewhat lighter than blond hair does.

What does this have to do with color? The thing that sets blond hair apart from other colors is the lack of red pigment. Red pigment is what gives red hair its stain. Therefore, if blond hair is devoid of red pigment, it will not have a chance to show up as strongly as other colors such as red.

root hair

Some nutrients are guaranteed to build the hair protein. Therefore, the hair will maintain its strength and shine. If these nutrients are not provided, then the hair will slowly lose its vitality. The latest science on hair color tells us that we need protein to promote hair growth and prevent the graying of hair. Therefore, if we want to prevent the ending of our hair we need protein. Best of all, red and blonde hair contain protein. Therefore, we need to seek out the proper hair care to grow our hair long and healthy.

Hair dye

Hair dye is not necessarily harmful to the hair, as long as it is dyed properly. Dyeing your hair can actually be beneficial. Dark colors can break down the hair’s natural structure, making it weaker and brittle. The same can be said for blonde hair. Most women jerrymine or weave blonde hair with a mixture of other colors. This can cause headaches and can ruffle feathers due to the excessive bleeding and spraying.

Protein hair care

Protein is the building block of hair, so if we want to keep our hair long, we need to increase our dietary intake. Theirown you have low protein intake can lead to split ends and the reduction of hair texture. If you find it hard to keep your hair long, you can always supplement your diet with the vitamins and minerals that will help to build your hair.

Frequent brushing

Brushing your tresses frequently is good for your health. It knits the hair together and spreads the oils through the hair. Over time this also helps to prevent the hair from knotting. Proteins within the hair form a slippery cover for the hair’s natural elasticity. If you brush your hair too much, you will not only cause split ends, you will also reduce the hair’s ability to stretch.

Some might say that brushing your hair does not really matter, but if you think about it, every stroke removes sebum, the natural oil that is secreted by the scalp. If less sebum is secreted, there will be less oil to prevent static electricity, and you can encounter dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Many might also argue that blow drying your hair is bad for your health. This might be true, blow drying your hair can dry out your hair and fade the natural moisture. But if you think about it, it is bad for your scalp too, blow drying can pull the essential oils out of your hair. If you need to use a blow dryer, use it in moderation.

Massage the scalp with heat, massaging the scalp for between five to ten minutes a day. This not only keeps your hair well moisturized, it improves circulation and encourages the growth of new skin cells.

For a more effective diet, you should also include the nails, hair and nails in your daily routine. For the nails, you can use the hand weights and daily reviews.