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Sunless Tanning And Products

Sunless tanning, like the name suggests, is getting a tan without sun exposure, and still produces an effect similar in appearance to a traditional suntan. This method of tanning does not involve skin pigmentation or UV exposure, which is often dangerous, to set off the change in skin color. Sunless tanning is also widely accepted in regard to reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

Sunless tanning lotions work by altering the dead layer cells of the skin to a brown akin to that found after exposure to sunlight. Sunless tanning lotions, can be applied at home in the comfort of your own home directly onto your skin. If you should sweat or be exposed to water for long enough, the tan will wash off in a matter of minutes. Sunless tanning lotions will also change the color of your skin to a brown hue similar to that found after bathing in the sun.

There are different sunless tanning solutions offered by many different companies. The core element of these tanning solutions is the element of hypoallergenic ingredient that prevents the skin from being damaged by the sun’s rays. Each sunless tanning lotion is designed to be different from the next, and for some the results may be instantaneous. For others, the tan may take a day or two to properly develop. Most products require daily use to keep up the tan while some require re-application to keep the tan looking its best.

Hair Is Theacles

The hair is thought to be the most accurate way to gauge how well a person has tanned the skin. When a person has a deep tan, splotches of dark or light hair is often seen along the burn zone in the hands, legs or face. These spots are due to the person lying in the sun for too long. If you plan to tan for a party, appointment or any other purpose, make sure that you take precautions to protect your skin.

Skin cancer has been growing at a remarkable rate. As natural sunlight fades away the sun will expose the skin to UVA and UVB rays, the rays that stimulate the tanning process. Skin cancer is sometimes confused with skin cancer post cancer, but the two are very different. While skin cancer is found mostly in skin that has been exposed to the sun, sunless tanning lotion works great on any area of the body.

Whatever your reason for wanting a sunless tan, there are a great number of sunless tanning products on the market. Sunless tanning lotions are the most popular, but there are others. Some of the products use the rays that are sent into the atmosphere by the sun, and some salads and creams use the same theory to promote a tan. There are so many different products available, that it is important to follow the instructions carefully for both. This will ensure that you will achieve a safe and beautiful tan.

Where To Get Sunless Tanning Products

It is possible to find these sunless tanning products at almost any department or grocery store. They are even in your potato salad! Pick up a bottle of sunless tanning lotion, and as always follow the instructions. Most products are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and will have to go through a safety check before packaging and shipping.

It is important to understand that a sunless tan does not protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. Take extreme caution when tanning outdoors. Always use sunscreen and tanning products that have a DHA factor that is at least 10 percent to be considered safe by the FDA. For more information on the 10 percent factor, check with your tanning salon technician.

When a tanning spray or lotion takes longer to appear, it may have to stand out for a few extra minutes. This is because some products have a concentration of DHA that is not strong enough to do the spraying all by itself.