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Sunless Tanning Requires a Good Tanning Bed Lotion

Whatever your reasons for a tan, whether it is to prepare yourself for a tropical vacation or to simply look more beautiful, there are many sunless tanning products on the market to choose from. If you are the type that loves to lie on the beach for that UV-induced tan, then we might as well admire our feathered friends from the dunkers. If, however, you are in the market for a more healthy looking alternative, why not choose a self-tanner? This is a product that allows you to create a deep, dark tan without the harmful effects of the sun. While the results will not be as drastic as a regular suntan, a self-tanner will give you a natural looking tan and the best part is that it is safe.

In addition to the moisturizing ingredients, a self-tanner lotion will have bronzing ingredients and other tanning additives to create the appearance of a deep tan. One of the best self-tanning lotions is the Jergens glow lotion. One tube of this lotion provides twenty percent of the tanning power of a regular suntan. One end of the tube is filled with a moisturizing tanning agent and the other end has an amino acid complex and a SPF. With a few simple tips, you can create an effective sunless tanner.

One of the keys to getting an effective tan is following the package directions exactly. If you want an orange arid glow, don’t take your product lying down. Be sure to follow the package directions exactly and side with caution when applying it to your skin.

Most tanning products work best with daily applications. This ensures that your tan develops properly over time. One application every two hours will give you an average of about eight hours of tanned skin. If you have the luxury of taking a break from the tanning bulb, then by all means do so. Applying self-tanner in the evening is not as necessary as when you apply it during the daytime.

One final word about this method of tanning. If you are attending a special event and the tanning needs to be put on for a date, then you can self-tan at home. You should always do a test strip of color before applying all over your body. This will ensure that you don’t go darker than what you wanted.

As a commercial tanning salon owner, keep in mind that your customers should always wear protective eyewear. The eyewear should be enough to protect your eyes from the UV rays to prevent any damage to them. They should also wear a hat or some other head covering. I am sure that the thought of putting on some sun glasses will send them into a panic, but it is their head, and they have to look silly without head protection.

When you own a tanning salon, the most important thing is to protect your customers and yourself. The tanning bulbs contain UV rays, and these rays can be harmful to the eyes, skin and hair. So, the next time you purchase tanning bulbs, you should ask yourself if the quality of the tanning bulb is important to you.

And lastly, if you haven’t already started a tanning bed service, you should purchase a digital tanning monitor. These displays time and temperature and are very helpful for viewing your customers basic information. These types of monitors are small and compact and made specifically for tanning salons. Some of these models even check if the tanning bulbs are damaged and can also change the color of the tanning agent to a safer level.

If you own a tanning salon, we invite you to check out these products. Your customers will certainly appreciate the safety feature of these tanning beds. And your employees will certainly appreciate not having to worry about UV damage. If you start to think about how these products can help your salon, you may even purchase the tanning beds for your entire facility.