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The Advantages of Chemical Peel Treatments

There are many different treatment choices for your skin type, whether you have sensitive, normal or dry skin. Dealing with the damaging effects of the sun, wind, and finding ways to manage your stress are all part of that. Finding a great skin care treatment is part of the process.

While the best treatment for your skin is a good one, you can have success with just about any treatment if you know how to find it. The top five choices will help you to understand the advantages of each one of them so you can use them to your advantage. Learning how to would benefit you in your skin care journey.

  1. Glycolic acid or salicylic acid: You can apply this mixture at home, or you can get a professional treatment at a spa. Those who have sensitive skin will appreciate that it is a strong peel that can require several treatments to get the results you want. While it is a popular treatment, just finding a qualified skin care practitioner to treat you with this type of acid is difficult. Be prepared to pay a little bit more if you choose to have this acid professionally done.
  2. Alpha hydroxy acid: This facial acid is similar to salicylic acid in that it can be used to exfoliate the skin. However, alpha hydroxy acid is perfect for those with oily skin because it works to prevent the buildup of oil. There are at least five different types of this acid: alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, hydroxy acid and alpha hydroxy lemon. The alpha hydroxy acid is very effective on oily skin, but is it worth the extra cost?
  3. Beta hydroxy acid: This facial acid is similar to alpha hydroxy acid in that it can be used to exfoliate the skin. It works well on medium to coarse hair because it breaks down the debris in the hair shaft. This acid is also helpful in controlling and treating acne, rosacea and erythema, but it is overdrying and irritating to the skin. Do not use this acid if you have dry or flaky skin because this acid will further dry out the skin.
  4. Hydroxy acid: This organic acid is similar to salicylic acid. It works great on all skin types. It is an stable acid and will not change or diminish. Due to the variations in acid composition, different brands of this acid may have different results on different people. Hydroxy acid will brighten dull skin and can help to correct some birthmarks and deformities. fantastic for people with acne!
  5. Alpha hydroxy acid: This essential acid is derived from sugar cane and can be used safely. Highly effective and widely used, it can correct some problems with the skin such as acne, sanitary problems, and others. Usually found in facial products such as soaps and lotions, some people may have a negative reaction to this acid. Although rare, some acne suffers may experience “softer” skin in the area where the acid was applied. If this occurs in your case, you should discontinue use immediately.
  6. Beta hydroxy acid: Not as strong as alpha hydroxy acid, this acid does not actually remove dead skin cells. Instead, it disperses the remaining sebum cells that are stuck in the pores. This property gives it a weaker antimicrobial property, which helps it treat some acne problems. When you see this acid on the shelf for purchase, don’t make the mistake of picking it up just because it looks fun. Check the label to ensure that it is included in the product.

The amount of calcium hydroxide or salicylic acid will depend on the product’s dilution. 100% concentration will contain more of the acid, and a lower concentration will contain less of it. If your current natural skin care regimen doesn’t include a strong acidic element, you may not need this additional step. But, if you are prone to acne, this extra step may be necessary.