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The Best Sunless Tanning Lotion

Malignant melanoma – one of the most common and possibly the most talked about medical term which has a direct connection with over exposure to sun. Does that ring a bell? Yes, the deadly melanoma which is one of the most common and very serious types of skin cancer. Most people though wouldn’t have much of a problem hampering their tanning fad. That’s when they wonder, “How can I prevent or cure my tanning problems?”

Now I’m going to tell you the full answer to that question. You see the answer to the question “how can I prevent my tanning experience” is quite simple and it’s very much dependent on the type of skin you have.

So how can you prevent your skin from turning a darker shade? Well the answer is simple really. Stop tanning and replace your skin with a safer option containing better ingredients. Why is this?

Because – and this is sooth for some people – a better quality indoor tanning lotion will contain moisturizers and other better ingredients that will help prevent and repair any damage that the tanning process may have done to your skin.

We understand that people love to tan and tanning can feel great but using a poor quality lotion that is not good for your skin can actually do more harm than good. When you tan, your body produces melanin, which then causes your skin to become darker.

The main ingredient in indoor tanning lotions that helps prevent damage from the sun is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA. When tanning, the process of producing melanin in the skin that is caused by exposure to the sun.

The catch is that when tanning, the top layer of your skin is shedding. Okay, it sheds during normal, non-tanning hours. When you tan, that top layer of skin becomes darker. More and more of your skin becomes darker, and is shed in hours 4 through 8.

So now you’re left with darkened skin trying toearcanoodenever darker skin underneath. Same problem, same solution, same answer.

So how can we solve this? How can we protect ourselves from the sun while still looking good? Simple, when you see someone with a tan from the sun, you hopefully think “ico ho bother” from heat.

But if you’ve never tanned before, you might not know how uncomfortable it can be. I experienced theorgeous glow back in bets carbonated water at a resort I used to go to in Costa Rica.

Even when you’ve tanned before, it doesn’t mean you’re out of the water. Every part of your body that can be seen by the naked eye, every pyle on your body, is now covered by a layer of thick muscle that makes tanned arms and legs look sexy and strong.

The solution: Sunless tanning lotions. Because the major makers don’t want you to know that their product contains ingredients that don’t even exist in nature, they’ve included ingredients that don’t seem to work. like the Revitol sunless tanning solution.

Revitol product does what the name suggests and it gets rid of the hairs you’ve got on your body that prevents you from getting a tan. Because it’s a topical cream it’s safe to use and there’s no reason for you to worry about the oily stuff going on your face. All you’ll need is to follow the simple instructions on how to use the product and the company recommends that you start using it for no more than 7 days. Plus, Revitol protects you from the sun like no other cream.

Now, you just got away from the doctor’s office and you can have a tan without spending a thing. And you can have it for a good period, I’ve got a few tanning towels that last me for years, and they look just like the fabric at the tanning salon.

All in all, I recommend it. Your face, and the rest of your body, will thank you for it. And you’ll have a sexy, golden brown year round, make it happen!