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The Bounce Back Of Botox?

After years of neglect, Botox finally has become the Hollywood covering up of a growing epidemic. No one really likes to have wrinkles or lines on their face. But, with Botox, you can look beautiful and keep it that way.

Botox has been used since the early 1990’s but was kept under wraps until 1999. When it was eventually approved for use it was used to treat eye and nerve disorders. A small amount would be injected into the affected area and within days, the wrinkles would disappear.

It was a bit surprising to most people that Botox was approved for such uses. A drug is being used for eye disease, but it had always been available for cosmetic purposes.

It turns out, though, that there was a small percentage of people who would have certainly received a lot more benefit from Botox than they did from the injections. Studies found that the drug produced a hint of side effects, but they were rare. For most people, the side effects vanished in a short amount of time, but some people did report things like pain and bruising.

So, lets move forward to 2011 when more and more people have heard about the dangers of Botox. Past treatments had shown limited results on the effects that were seen as positive.

In 2011, more and more people are discovering that Botox can be much more than just a Nobel Prize winning physician’s treatment. There are many other uses of Botox and other non-invasive methods can now make use of these same technologies, which many of us already have, without paying hefty fees.

The results that are seen when using Botox are not the only thing that people are waiting for. Similar to Into Surgery, there is a waiting period before the effects of Botox actually do wear off.

The dermis always takes its time to return to its normal state. Whenever a muscle is injected into the skin while it is in this state, the effects of that injection are always temporary.

Even if a muscle is never injected into again, the skin usually does not shrink and is not able to tighten for a period of about three months. If it does shrink, it is then viable to inject it again.

Experiments have shown that cells in the subcutaneous layer react differently to different concentrations of Botox. While some areas seem to show improved function, others do not respond at all.

olinergicand action potential

Botox is actually a drug that has activity at different Cellular level. For example, Botox at 10-20% was shown to prevent moving ofPatients to the ice shelves.

In fact, an awful lot of research has been done on how different concentrations of botulinum toxinixtures work. It shows that different concentrations have different reactivities.

There is a group of people who should not use botulinum toxin.They are the ones with a low tolerance for pain and want to undergo as little involved procedure as possible. Botox tolerance is different for everybody, there is no real globally accepted measure of what constitutes a ‘lowenerase’.

A group of surgeons developed a test known as the Bergamoister score to analyze the responded goodness of a patient’s Botox dose after each injection. The Bergamoister score is formulated using a list of 10 criteria and low tolerance is listed as 10 or lower in this case. A score of 15 or higher is said to correspond to a patient who shows excellent response and offers tolerance of Botox.

Although there is a Bergamoister score which takes longer to recognize a treatment response, it is a widely used means of evaluating a treatment’s acceptability.

In summary Botox used for cosmetic purposes is safe and effective. However, it is important to note that the reaction might not be as immediately apparent with this method. It is definitely worth trying, but in a doctor’s opinion only aDermatologist can nurture your health and beauty.