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The Mirror Effect

A fantastic finish is essential to have with a good flat iron. This is especially true when styling your own hair. So many methods exist today for getting the desired look. But perhaps the fastest way is by using a flat iron to curl your hair. You can get amazing curls that way. But how is it done? Basically, the process starts with the Dull Cream treatment. You rub in the cream, it helps in getting rid of your hair’s frizz and is soft enough to be combed through. Then you are ready to roll.

Generally, the style depends on how you do it. But if you ever learn how that particular style is done, you’ll know exactly why you do it that way. In most cases, the process starts by drying your hair as you normally would. Some experts recommend that you towel dry it first.

There are different types of hair curled. But if you have naturally curly hair, you might want to add a little kick to it with some bounce. You can do this within minutes with a blow dryer and a large, round brush. If it’s straight and you have to blow dry it, use your fingers instead of the brush. This is easier if you have straight hair. Then when you’ve dried your hair, take a lime green, green tint curling iron, or even a ceramic curling iron. Hold it a few inches from your hair. Then take a small section, like one inch at the time and put it behind the iron. Once it hot enough, take it down just about the same distance from the iron. Hold it at that length, but don’t let it touch your scalp.

Then use a comb to spread the hair curls so that they evenly distribute over your scalp. This is what causes the frizz. These fine lines are left as an added texture. In a few months, everyone will know that you’ve had this treatment. If for some reason, you cannot tell that you’ve had this treatment, watch for the super straight hair. This is referred to as reservoir hair.

When you have straight hair, you might want to have a straightening iron, as well. But if you use a flat iron, it will cool down too much, which will make the temperature constantly drain your hair of moisture. So your hair will look frizzy. If you want it to look healthy, conditioned, and shiny, you should apply some serum or heat protection spray, which will prevent it from getting bottomed out.

deceivingly, doing this type of straightening with a flat iron will damage your hair. But it will straighten it, if you know how to use it properly.

First, turn the iron off and unplug it. Allow it to cool for a while before cleaning it. This will ensure that dirt and dust is adequately filtered. Then remove the existing hair from the iron by using a brush or comb. Your hair will have to be raised up about one half inch to expose the new hair. This is the spot where the ceramic plates are.

Soak the iron for about 10 minutes in the same Potatoes Patty water. It will be slightly curlier than a regular hot iron, but not as tight as kinky hair. Using a regular iron will eventually lead to kinky hair. This is because the natural oils from your scalp won’t allow the hair to set. So, you will just end up with a frizzy mess. There is nothing good about a bad hair day, so take care of your hair by using this remedy.

After rinsing out the iron, splash your hair with cool water. It will close the pores in the hair and prevent as much frizz as possible.

Use a large barrel curling iron. This one is best suited for short to medium hair lengths. It will give you more control and reduce the amount of time it takes to curl your hair. The temperature setting should be from 3/4 of a inch to a maximum of 5/8 of an inch. Starting at the root of your hair, touch each section of your hair with the barrel of the curling iron one at a time. Roll and twist the iron around your hair. This process will expose your hair to the heat longer.

Always use the curling iron at least twice a day. Curling the iron will expose it to heat longer. If you insist on using it daily, you can spray your hair with a heat styling spray to protect it from the heat. Before you use leave it to air dry, though. Do not put it on a towel; this could create tangles and make your hair frizzy.

Remember, the heat will damage your hair when you use a hair dryer, flat iron, or blow dryer. So, be careful not to use them too much. Dandruff and split ends will also happen more easily with frequent use.