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The Mix of Psoriasis and Eczema

Psoriasis is a problem of the skin which is negatively affected by the abnormal growth of the skin cells. These skin cells, which are Hyperplastic nevi, build up abnormally and this causes the skin to get thick and scarred with high levels of pigmentation. The basic areas of damage that this process causes are finger nails, joints, elbows, and the skin itself. joint health is slightly better affected, but in most cases only slightly.

Due to the fact that our skin is so thick, there is little that can be done to lessen the effects of the condition. The treatment of psoriasis is thus the product of a combination of the following elements which all combat the root cause of the condition.

Topical agents

Certain substances like vitamin D strengthen the skin’s ability to withstand the attack of the fungi and reduces the thickening of the skin. Similarly natural anti inflammatory agents reduce the inflammation that occurs in the area affected. Most topical agents are applied around the Variation area effected.


Botulinum toxin can be injected into the area where the attack is making. The injection makes the skin fair in a way. On the other hand, if the Psoralen injected into the area is used, then, the skin becomes dark and thickens.

Doctors also prescribe certain local steroids that reduce the various symptoms of the condition. The agents cause the skin to thicken and makes the area appear tan.

General treatment of Psoriasis

The treatment includes various topical agents, and injected substances. Topical agents cause the skin to lighten so that the attack is lessened. The agents also cause the local damage that helps the “fibroblasts” to disintegrate.

The goal of the treatment is to ensure that the condition does not spread further and that the patients are cured of Psoriasis. In addition, the agents also help to lighten the skin in the surrounding area. Any such efforts should be concerned about the side effects. The side effects can include the following:

The treatment is not a magic potion and the results obtained vary greatly. In most cases, the patients are able to acquire the facility of external therapy. When the patient improves, he or she will be able to acquire the facility of topical therapy. Antihistamine therapy is also available and is similar to the therapy for Psoriasis but it has its downsides as well. The therapy for Psoriasis includes certain side effects and is not a 100% success. Once again, the success of the medication will depend on the size and spread of the outbreak.

Biological agents.

Small amounts of vitamin B and folic acid can be obtained from salicylates – a class of chemicals. Retinoids and Tetracycline are sometimes used to treat Psoriasis too.


Dermal neurotoxin can be injected to the affected area to control the spread of the disease. Antihistamines therapy

Psoriasis can be treated using corticosteroids and vitamin D analogues. Both these methods will control the spread of the disease. However, the success of these methods is very limited and once again depends on the size and spread of the outbreak.


Oral antihistamines therapy can be done in different ways depending on the severity of the attack. Habitual using of antihistamines agents is more common and effective as compared to topical agents.

Topical agents

Topical agents like corticosteroids, vitamin A derivatives, Tetracycline and bleomycin are used to treat Psoriasis sores and acne. Blender drugs which are topical corticosteroids are also used to treat hand eczema and similar conditions.

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