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Tips on How to Choose the Best Hairstyle

A woman’s hairstyle is what completes her look. It is her prized possession that gives her the confidence that makes her feel and look beautiful. Therefore it is crucial to keep it well maintained, moisturised and looked after. So having the right hairstyle for your shape face is very important to completing your look successfully here are a few pointers for particular face shapes:

Oval faces:

This face shape literally any hairstyle whether short or long will suit it perfectly! You can either go with the straight or curly look and get away with looking good with both lengths. Layers will however emphasise your cheekbones giving them more definition but try to stay away from hairstyles that emphasise the volume at the top of your head as it lengthens your face.

Long face:

For longer faces, you need to give the impression of width to provide a fine balance, moreover either have long, but not excessively long hair or hair to the side or chin length cuts. Also curly and wavy styles will add volume and width therefore suiting and complementing your facial shape.

But keep away form blunt cuts or simple straight cuts as it does not complement your facial shape and also does not look good on long faces.

So hair cuts for curly faces:

If you have a face with a wide jaw that is broad at the cheeks and wide at the forehead then you need side swept bangs to complete your look and simple straight cut fringe for a younger look. blunt haircuts will complete the look and bring out the width of your face.

So hair cuts for a straight face:

You have the option of keeping your hair long or short but the decision should be based on your facial shape and of course on your personality. The short style should be a little bit of length to allow you to show off some of your desirable facial features. Heavy texturing and layering should be avoided as it does not possess a slim face look.

So hair cuts for a round face:

The round face is characterized by a wide jaw line and narrows at the temples and end of the face. The need for wide and drastic hair cuts can be carried out to glam up your round face.

One thing that you should remember is that different hairstyles draw attention to the eye area only and as such you should definitely do what you can to make sure that the beauty of your eyes is highlighted by sporting a stylish hair cut that takes this into consideration.

Hair cuts for curly faces:

Curls need wide and flared haircuts to make them look elegant and shiny. Once you have curled your hair then you can remove the curl and shape your hair into any style you want and even accessorize this with a few accessories.

So now that you know exactly how important it is to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape, here are tips for choosing which hairstyle to choose.

  1. There are different facial shapes for different sized faces, you need to select the one that suits you
  2. Each season has a different hairstyle, you need to select the one that suits your facial shape
  3. Celebrity hairstyles are a good label because many celebs have same face shape as you
  4. Think about your lifestyle, you may require a hairstyle that may need blow drying
  5. Consider the time you can spend in each type of hairstyle
  6. Think about the activities that you undertake, you may need some downtime in each category
  7. Consider the shape of your jaw
  8. There are different lengths of side swept bangs, you need to select the one that suits your face
  9. aligned strays need to be combed down
  10. A round face can have volume with side swept bangs and the front portion of the hair need to be straight
  11. If your face has no particular shape to it, you can have long wavy hair.