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What To Do With Ingrown Hair?

There’s nothing more irritating than ingrown hair, especially if it’s in your sensitive or intimate body part. It can be itchy, sore and awkward in all the wrong places. Nothing’s worse than feeling that itch every time you walk past a mirror mirror or touch your groin area after shaving or waxing.

The solutions to ingrown hair problem lies on various methods from easy treatments and professional service to simple at-home remedies.

The Right Shave

For most people, ingrown hair stems from improper or incorrect shaving technique. Now, if you run the razor near the hair it’ll shave some off and it’s very hard to get that part wrong, but there is a way to minimize the damage it can cause. Aiming for a close and ultra-clean shave might actually cause the problem. Instead, shave along the hair, not against it. Doing this is easier and more accurate. In addition, when you’re done, don’t irritate your skin any more – a reaction will only increase the irritation.

Throw Away The Tighties

In general, men should avoid wearing tight pants and other attire that can rub or create friction against their skin. So, those who love tight clothes for their female counterparts should tough it out a bit. Tighter clothes might reduce the friction and friction can cause skin irritations. So, let’s see: if you avoid wearing clothes that create friction against your body, facial hair removal cream might be used to keep all that unwanted hair away. And, of course, you can always opt for waxing for removing chest and arm hair.

Cuts and Cuts

Different hair parts require different levels of attention. For example, there’s the hair on the chest and shoulders, and the hair on the arms. It’s not necessarily easy to shave or wax these areas. So, make sure you pay more attention to these areas when choosing shaving products. Shave your chest and shoulders, since these are areas that can get moreruff and razor burns than other parts of your body. And, of course, avoid wearing tight clothing that rubs on the skin or are very tight, especially around the chest.

After-Shave Skin Care

After shaving, you can use an astringent, cologne or antiseptic aftershave gel. But, if you think using after-shave gel is unhygienic, stocking up on regular deodorant sprays might be a better alternative.

Skin-Care Products

For removing the hair in the hairless areas, there are many skin-care products in the market. However, make sure that you spend more money on these products than on face-wash, soap and aftershave. Stick to more conservative skin-care products like in soaps and face-wash. These products’ concentrations are usually higher than in most facial washes and soaps. If you have sensitive skin, beauty products with salicylic acid or sulfur because it’s more gentle on sensitive skin can be a good choice.

Removing Bikini Hair

The removal of hair in the bikini zone is becoming more and more popular as more and more women have sexier underarms. Whether you go to a waxing salon, or do it yourself at home, there are a lot of options for removing hair in the sensitive bikini zone.

Awww, isn’t it easy? But, let me tell you: not all women are comfortable doing this. I understand. It’s uncomfortable. However, going to have a Brazilian wax is still the most preferred method for removing hair.

Bikini waxing really is the best way to take care of your sensitive and bikini area. Remember, you probably already pay for waxing and shaving so why not invest in some further tools to help you further enhance your aesthetically.

If you’re going to remove your pubic hair, I recommend investing in a pre-lubricated wax kit. The pros are pretty much the same as for shaving, but without the cuts and itching.