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Why Mineral Makeup?

Mineral makeup is dramatically different from the other types of cosmetics. Mineral makeup is intended to produce a natural look, with all the colors concentrated in the brush and not in the foundation or base.

isers for example, claim that it can produce smoky eyes, glamorous lashes and defined lips, all in a single application.

The other claims are quite unbelievable. According to the manufacturers of the Colour Correctors (a corrector is a cosmetic which is used, along with a lengthening agent and a highlighting agent to create a desired shade effect), it can correct any discoloration and/or flaw in the skin. It is suitable for every skin type, including African Americans, darker skinned persons of both sexes, and can be used to create almost every color. However, it is of the greatest importance that you choose the correctizer shade for your skin. The wrong shade can look lifeless or overwhelming. Also, you should be able to comfortably apply the correctizer without looking ridiculous. If you don’t know where to find the correctizer shades, ask your colorist. However, I cannot stress enough that choosing the correctizer shade is only part of the preparation. I recommend that clients prepare their own correctizer shades at home. By following simple steps, you can match the shade they find most aesthetically pleasing.

Choose the Corrector Shader for Your Skin Tone

Regardless of your skin tone, the correctizer shades will vary. Professional makeup artists almost always work with a broad range of skin tone colors. The best way to be sure that the correctizer shades will be suitable for you is to carefully determine the exact shade that you should be wearing. Then, you can do some basic training and testing with the appropriate professional products.

The mineral correctors include one of three products; the Volufiline, the Red, or the Blue. The Volufiline is especially useful for redness issues, as it is an extract of mink. The Red or Blue Volufiline colors are based on carmine. Professional make-up artists and individuals who use professional products generally prefer the Volufiline colors. The reason for this is simple. Theamoebic acidis used in the Volufiline and it is a pigmented compound produced by the mink. It is one of the main components of the skin.In the case of the mink, it provides color and shade to the hair and skin. It also penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the body through the skin on contact. The different colored volufiline penetrates the skin in different ways. By itself, it colors the hair and skin. The colored molecules can attach to dark hair and collagen to produce color and shade.

The corrector pigments that are combined with the corrector form a strong chemical compound that is transferred to the skin to cover and even out skin tone. It is primarily for this reason that correctors are applied to the skin and not the hair. pigment is stuck in the hair that is permanently removed. Using corrector instead of pigment will reduce breakage to the point that the hair will be shed.

Pigment can be difficult to remove. Some make-up will never penetrate the deep layers of the skin to remove them. This will leave dark circles under the eyes, and the skin will look unhealthy. There are also some make-ups that are water based and will stay put until you wash them off. Adding water to the base of the pigment makes it easier to remove.

Water based make-ups are much easier to remove than are powder based. But there are some water based make-ups that will cake and sit on the face. These are generally better for women who got there wet quite a bit. But removeability depends largely on the facial area and the skin’s reaction to the chemical. The wrong color or amount of pigment placed on the skin will have varying amounts of removeability.

The professional cosmetic garment for removeability is the Girdle. Girdles like the idea of a waist cincher or a dress. It is elastic and comfortable and makes the body look well-groomed.

There are some basic differences between a department store makeup counter and a cosmetics boutique. A department store make-up counter is open to the general public. Its hours are daily (Most of the week the counter is open), and it offers a consultation; where you speak to an trained personnel and ask a lot of questions (ex. colour combinations, brand usage etc).

The counter is also brightly lit, making it more appealing ( although it can be hard to see in a busy area, especially at night time).